Sunday, December 28, 2014

Evanston: articles added

        I have been remiss in adding articles to their page after they have been published, particularly this year when I was sailing GANNET and didn’t see magazines until I returned to Evanston last month.
        These are with one exception as I wrote them, not necessarily as they appeared in print.  The exception is ‘Use Yourself Up’ which is the title CRUISING WORLD gave the piece and much better than the embarrassingly duller one I chose. 
        I don’t know how people will react to what I write and almost deleted the paragraph in which that phrase appeared.
        I haven’t reread the articles  word for word today, but did notice in glancing through them that some of the information is already dated.  How I sail and live aboard GANNET continues to evolve.  But I let the words stand as being accurate when I wrote them.
       In one piece I noticed I referred to someone as a friend who proved merely to be an acquaintance, a common experience I expect unfortunately too common to us all.  I let that stand, too.