Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Opua: winched

        I disassembled and lubricated the Harken 20.2 winches yesterday.  The starboard winch turns with noticeably greater resistance than the port winch, and removing the shaft on the starboard one was almost impossible.  I finally managed by using vise grip pliers.  The shaft to port came out easily.  These are solid pieces of steel and I can see no marks or distortions on the one to starboard.  I did not think to try to switch them at the time and am not going to disassemble them again now.  Both function properly.
        All that is left on my to-do list before I leave is to paint the deck.  While the paint on the topsides is fine, the paint on deck is not.  Perhaps a combination of waves, sunlight and lines. 
        I might even go sailing again one of these days.


        It has been overcast here since yesterday, but with only a trace of rain.  
        The photo was taken two evenings ago.  
        I like this mooring and am glad to be on it.  However, one disadvantage is that when I take a photograph to the east power boats are unavoidably in the foreground.
        There is no one on any of these boats.  I’m out here alone.  The evenings are wonderfully quiet.