Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Honolulu: free light; hardcore; more passage photos

    The above LuminAID has become one of my two primary cabin lights.  The other is a Navisafe Navilight 360°. 
    Because all electricity on GANNET comes from solar panels, all light could be considered free; but the Navisafe runs off three AAA batteries that require recharging.  The LuminAID has solar charging built-in.  Part of my morning routine is to fold it up and place it in the sun. 
In the late afternoon I bring it in.  And in the evening, endlessly renewable light.
    The LuminAID has two brightness levels.  I always use the higher, which is still soft, but adequate in GANNET’s Great Cabin for most purposes.   I hang it from the u-bolt in the sliding companionway hatch.  If I need brighter, I turn on the Navisafe.
    On GANNET two of the LuminAID’s greatest attributes are that it folds down to the size of a playing card and it is waterproof.
    I thank Steve Earley for bringing it to my attention.


    Yesterday I bussed to West Marine.
    At the cash register a very pretty young woman glanced down at the debit card receipt, looked up and gave me a big smile.
    “I know you from the magazines.  You’re the hardcore dude.”
    First “beast” and now “hardcore dude.”
    Hawaii has been kind to me.


    I’ve uploaded photos to a Dropbox folder to send them to CRUISING WORLD.  However, you are welcome to view them, too, if you wish.  
    The link is:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wbodq7751cdemg8/AADzHlrtloeo0DBWCSpVteura