Monday, March 10, 2014

Evanston: belief: 'H'; 'I'

        While I no longer believe in winter, winter still believes in itself.
        Yesterday Carol and I walked down to the lake.  With temperatures again below freezing, Friday’s puddles had become  ice rinks.  Part of the way we walked in the street.
        The lake is frozen beyond the horizon.  
        The mounds along the shore are ice, built up by spray from once lapping waves.  
        They are not as high as the year I photographed Mount Evanston, perhaps because this winter has been so cold that the lake froze earlier.

        harangue:  a speech by an opponent, who is known as an harangue-outang.

        harbor:  the place where ships taking shelter from storms are exposed to the fury of the Customs. 

        heathen:  a benighted creature who has the folly to worship something that he can see and feel. 

        hermit:  a person whose vices and follies are not sociable. 

        history:  an account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers mostly knaves, and soldiers mostly fools.

        hurry:  the dispatch of bunglers. 

        idiot:  a member of a large and powerful tribe whose influence in human affairs has always been dominant and controlling. 

        impiety:  your irreverence toward my deity. 

        improvidence:  provision for the needs of today from the revenues of tomorrow. 

        impunity:  wealth. 

        infidel:  in New York, one who does not believe in the Christian religion; in Constantinople, one who does. 

        inventor:  the person who makes an ingenious arrangement of wheels, levers and springs, and believes it civilization.