Thursday, November 26, 2020

Hilton Head Island: Hot Rod Carol Thanksgiving

 Carol is here for Thanksgiving.  She rented a car earlier this week to do some shopping beyond bicycle range and to take me to my doctor’s appointment.  She did not specify what kind of car and the rental company gave her a muscle car, a Dodge Daytona.  The instant she turned the key in the ignition it roared VROOM.  VROOM.  VROOM.  I am sure by design.  This without her even touching the gas pedal.  A neighbor saw the car parked in front of our building and assumed that someone’s grandson was visiting.  Carol wondered why a rental company would even have such a car.  I reminded her that we are in Nascar country and lots of fans would love to drive a Dodge Daytona.  As is to be expected, it got lousy gas mileage.

After she turned the car in, she ordered a Thanksgiving feast from Dockside Restaurant about a mile away, just outside The Plantation gate.  My leg is not stressed by bike riding so we decided to bike there.  The feast was brought out in one large plastic bag filled with containers of soup and gravy and more and three large flat boxes with everything from beet salad to pumpkin pie.  The two young people who brought it out were open mouthed that two old people intended to carry all this on bicycles.  Carol unpacked the boxes and sorted the various containers into our two bike baskets and our two backpacks.  It all fit.  Barely.  We biked back to the condo and will feast late this afternoon.  Carol estimates that what is claimed to feed 4-6 will be at least 5 meals each for us.  Maybe 6.  Good.  I like leftovers.

I carried one of the new pipe berth tubes down to GANNET this morning.  It fit as it should and I am confident I will never have to replace it.  Wonderful to have GANNET so close.

79F/26C, sunny and with some breeze here.  I have known worse Thanksgiving weather.

I wish my American friends a happy holiday.  I wish all of you a fine day.

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