Saturday, November 28, 2020

Hilton Head Island: $50,000 savings; still closed

 I can save you $50,000, but you better hurry.

In the Black Friday sale of all Black Friday sales Samsung is reducing the usual price of its 98” Q900 TV by half.  Yes, friends, you heard right.  Normally $100,000, but you can have it now, today, for only $50,000.  You know you want one.  Maybe two.

I am considering buying one for GANNET.  Of course it will have to be deck mounted and is more than a foot wider than she is, but if I set it perpendicular to the center line, it should help down wind performance.

A few days ago I saw on the Marine Traffic site several yachts heading toward New Zealand from Fiji and Tonga and wondered if the border is open.  Today there are only three or possibly four.  I emailed a friend who lives in New Zealand who replied that as far as he knows the border is still closed.  I went to Noonsite and found that indeed it is.

The three crew of a 16 meter/52’ German yacht which arrived in Opua from Nuku Hiva were arrested and held in jail until they were deported.  The yacht has been seized and may be subject to duty, which when I was last in New Zealand came to about 20% of the boat’s value, including GST.

The Germans had applied for an exemption, but sailed from Nuku Hiva before receiving a response.  Their application was denied.

I don’t like rules, but I have no sympathy for the Germans.

I conclude the yachts I see heading for New Zealand belong to New Zealanders heading home.


Flick said...

"The more you spend, the more you save!"

Anonymous said...

Consume your own Live streamed sailing trips on your deck mounted 98" tv.