Monday, February 19, 2018

Hilton Head Island: shells at sunset; clean canisters; ISS

        I have just come inside after sitting on the terrace watching the sunset.  Several rowing shells passed as graceful as water spiders.  Two twos, two fours, and an eight.  Some accompanied by a coaching boat.  
        Skull Creek in my brief experience has always been flat.  I’ve seen ripples, not waves, though with the wind from the right direction they must occur.  The marina was seriously damaged by a hurricane in the 1980s and partially in Hurricane Matthew two years ago.  If it happens again while I am here, I promise you will not see me raise my hands to the non-existent heavens and cry, “Why me?”  The risk is calculated, as have been all of mine, even in a period when extreme weather events are becoming more common. 
        If ocean levels rise as some predict by 2’/.6 meter by the end of this century, this might not be desirable real estate.  But neither Carol nor I will be here to care.
        The sunset was beautiful.  I am not going to post a photo of every beautiful sunset.  A couple of restaurants not far away make their living off those sunsets.


        There have been four canisters on GANNET since before the beginning of this voyage in which I keep oatmeal, trail mix, powered milk, and protein powder.
        While I have wiped down the outsides, they have never really been cleaned and looked it.
        This is the first place I have ever had GANNET with access to a dishwasher.
        I put them in, uncertain because of their shapes if they would really get clean.  They did.  They look nice and no longer constitute a health hazard.


        I thank James for this link to a fascinating tour of the International Space Station.  As I watched I thought:  I could do this.  They live much as I do on GANNET and even like the same breakfast.