Monday, February 26, 2018

Hilton Head Island: powered; alligatored; ice

        Carol flew here Saturday and yesterday we took a brief jaunt on Skull Creek.  I fitted the new Torqeedo, which I am pleased to report started and ran as it should.  
        We only went to the mouth of Skull Creek, about a mile and a half each way.  At near low tide the current was negligible and with an SOG of about 2.5 knots the fully charged bigger battery was drained to 67%, which might give an optimistic range of nine miles under power.
        The wind instruments and the depthfinder worked as they should.
        A pleasant morning, but no birds on the spit, gliding pelican, or accompanying dolphin as when I first arrived.

        On a bicycle ride this morning we saw our first two alligators, lying beside a pond near the racket club.  One was about six feet long; the other slightly smaller.  The welcoming packet given to new residents warns against swimming in such ponds or letting your dogs do so.  I will comply.