Friday, February 9, 2018

Hilton Head Island: music and a query

        I know that you are only here because I am a sailor, but I like to believe that I am more than a (once) pretty face, and while I have no musical talent, some of you know that I enjoy music, though not all. 
        Two fellow sailors have recently emailed me musical recommendations.
        Bobby, who is on the faculty at the University of Maryland, told me of the Berlin Philharmonic, Sir Simon Rattle conducting, staged by Peter Sellers (no, not that Peter Sellers), performance of Bach’s ST. MATTHEW PASSION.  Rather than buy the DVDs, I downloaded the film of the performance from iTunes for, I think, $19.95.  You could rent it for less.
        I am not a music critic, nor a Christian.  For the record I was raised as a Presbyterian but got over it.  But even to a non-Christian this performance is monumental and profoundly spiritually moving.  I cannot comprehend how anyone could write music this complex and beautiful.  It is as thought one man by himself built one of the Great Pyramids at Giza.
        The performance is three hours long.  There is an intermission and I watched the two acts on successive nights.
        If you google, you will find uniformly that critics were as stunned and impressed as I.

        The other recommendation came from Andy.  It is a slightly over an hour long interview with Graham Nash, of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.  Graham Nash is an amusing story teller, cares about his art, and knew everyone in the rock and roll world.  One of the best stories is about David Crosby turning over the pink slip of his Mercedes to obtain crack.  There are two twists to the story, but you will have to watch the interview.

        I thank Bobby and Andy.


        I recently learned that none of the few boat yards on Hilton Head Island permit owners to do their own work, and they charge a lot to do it for you. 
        I seem to recall that two or three of you have written me in the past from boat yards somewhere in this region and Florida who welcome do-it-yourself owners.  I have no need of them now, but would be grateful if you would email me if you know of any such yards.  


        A tale of two condos,
        An overcast day here.  Light wind.  Oaks and moss barely moving.  The current temperature is 60º/15.5ºC.
        In Evanston it is 25º/-4º and a foot of snow/.3 meter is falling on Carol.