Friday, October 30, 2020

Hilton Head Island: from others

I have a question I want to ask you.  It is a serious question to which I do not know the answer and I want it to stand alone, so today I offer only what comes from others.

 I thank Andy for a link to a video about Chesapeake watermen and small town Americana which I enjoyed.  This is Steve Earley country.  I sailed there only once.  I am struck by how different the experience of the crabbers of the water is than mine.

I thank Zane in New Zealand which just legalized euthanasia but surprisingly not marijuana for a link to a report about a 98.4’/30 meter wave recorded off Ireland.  And I am considering sailing there.  Such a wave is far beyond my experience and even imagination.  I expect that it existed only momentarily, probably as two sequences of waves came together and briefly climbed on the back of one another.

I thank Shawn both for this image and that it caused him to think of me.  Being Webb Chiles sometimes brings unexpected pleasures.

And finally, another poem from Louise Gluck who continues to amaze and please me.

As I have stated I did not know of her until she received the Nobel Prize.  My loss.

When I goggled her and found that she is a part of academia I was doubtful.  I do not believe that individual artists should be in universities, which are not the real world.  Collaborative artists in universities:  musicians, dance, theater:  yes.  But not individuals who ought to be out on the ragged edge without a net.  Yet as I read her, she is unquestionably a great poet.

She is a couple of years younger than I and from photos was when young an attractive woman.  I wonder what might have happened had we met five decades ago.  Perhaps nothing.  Perhaps a tsunami.

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