Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Evanston: gas tax; intensification; medical bulletin

 I return to these entries a few times after posting them, seeking typos and omissions and sometimes doing some rewriting.  I did on Monday and noticed that the heading was ‘paradise gas’.  Now I make typing mistakes, but it is not possible that I typed ‘gas’ instead of ‘tax’.  Auto fill/autocorrect may cause more grief than it is worth.  I made the change and also discovered that I had omitted to provide a link to a post by Kent and Audrey about their ongoing clean up after Sally.  I added it there and repeat it here.

You may have seen that now Hurricane Delta intensified from a 40 mph tropical storm to a 140 mph Category Four hurricane at an either record or near-record pace, increasing by 85 mph in one 24 hour period.  This is the same kind of intensification that the 1900 hurricane which destroyed Galveston underwent and it is becoming more frequent.  

The will be the last medical bulletin about my right ankle.  Unless it isn’t.

I can now walk normally.  Sometimes.  And my foot and ankle are normal sized.  Or almost.  The ‘sometimes‘ is because when I have been sitting and first stand up I have some pain, which usually soon disappears.  

I checked back and am surprised to see that I fell six weeks tomorrow.  It does not seem that long ago, but in the interval GANNET has come out of the water, been anti-fouled and trucked across the country, and I have flown from San Diego to Chicago to Hilton Head and back.  My next flight on October 19 to Hilton Head, actually Savannah, will be my last this year.  I am very much looking forward to being there with GANNET.

Of my health, I am back in shape.  I went to 100 push-ups and crunches in the first set of my workout twice last week, and 50 each in the next two sets on Monday, and yesterday I increased  most exercises in my weight workout from 3 sets of 10 to 3 sets of 15.  After a two month layoff, I did not expect my aged body to come back so quickly.  As a great writer once observed:  Until it is a reason, old age is not an excuse.

And lastly, also of health, we have bought a platform bed for Hilton Head.  It will probably not arrive until December.  It rises only 7” from the floor.  We are going to have to remain limber or rig a bosun’s chair through an eye bolt in the ceiling to get out of bed.

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