Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Evanston: Wikipedia and me; a new video; a night in New Mexico

 Several days ago Pat in Australia sent me an email part of which I have decided to post.  I thank him for permission to do so.

Its interesting to note that Webb Chiles does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him, although he does get a reference in a second hand fashion due to the Drascombe Lugger, Cape Horn, Cruising Maritime and Blue Water Medal. 

I wonder if he is too humble and does not wish to promote himself? No shame in that, it’s a strange thing accepting that  one has achieved or accomplished something special or notable takes it as a personal quest and finding the balance between that position and the other of self promotion that so many do so well on Youtube and Patreon is a balance act he has not tipped over. 

I note that he does not have a page on Patreon as many younger promoters do such as Sailing La Vagabonde who bough a million dollar Outremer catamaran on their earnings.

Perhaps he could mention this error on Wikiipedia in his blog and some other reader would see fit to start a page. Just a thought.

I responded:

Wikipedia does not permit people to write their own Wikipedia entry.  I suppose some do anyway and many are written by those who have a financial interest in promoting someone.  So there is no Webb Chiles page simply because no one has been interested enough to create and submit one.

I had never heard of Patreon until your mention.  Unlike probably most of those people, I actually am a writer who has been published and paid for almost fifty years and still occasionally am, and I have no need or desire to monetize my writing beyond that.

I have just uploaded a video, Goodbye to San Diego, that I shot on August 22

GANNET spent the night near Deming, New Mexico.   The next position is due in a couple of hours.  I am curious to see if she is again on her way.

I have changed the default on the Yellowbrick tracking page to ‘last 30 days’.


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Dave Mancini said...

Just an FYI, Webb: Bill Norrie just made it to Victoria, B.C., 91 days out of New Zealand. He left one year ago and solo circumnavigated east about south of the five great capes in a 28 foot Bristol Channel Cutter. He is 67.

Dave Mancini