Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Evanston: shelf clouds; a repair kit

        This dramatic photo of a shelf cloud was taken by Don Burdick and illustrates an interesting article about them that I came across on Steve Earley’s site.  Go there for a link to the article and some photos Steve has taken of similar clouds.  

        I have seen something like them several times at sea.  They move one to immediate action.

        Steve also wrote me about an useful repair kit which can be found at:  https://www.duckworks.com/product-p/apltec.htm
        I have ordered one.

        Obviously I am doing nothing interesting myself.  Really I am doing nothing at all except climbing stairs and taking walks.  However I am much improved over how I was a few days ago.  I no longer hesitate before every change of position, knowing a flash of pain will come, and I stopped taking medications Sunday night.  I don’t like to take medication and prefer to let my aging body heal itself.  I really miss not being able to workout, and the rib may affect when I return to GANNET.
        At least a half a dozen of you have written of your own cracked ribs.  My favorite story involves a spider in a shower but I am not going to pass it on.
        A clarification:  I do not believe that all who fall and fracture a rib should be immediately dispatched, only the old like me.  That does not yet seem to be government policy, so I will stumble and sail on.