Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Skull Creek: happy anniversary

        I seldom post twice on the same day but am today.
        The last was headed Hilton Head Island, it was written in the condo.  This, Skull Creek, because I am back on GANNET.
        About an hour ago I was sitting sipping a martini on the screened porch when I realized that Carol and I met twenty-four years ago today.
        Late afternoon thunderstorms are common here in summer.  If the wind is not strong, it is lovely to sit on the porch and see the rain falling a few feet away on the deck and branches and leaves of Live Oak trees and Spanish Moss.  There is beauty here.
        The process that led to my remembering this date was caused by my thinking that our present morass with the condo renovation is my worst experience with people, with the exception of parts of my life with Jill, since I was imprisoned, falsely, as a spy in Saudi Arabia in 1982.
        Thinking of those bad times with Jill, and to do her justice there were many good times as well, made me realize that I have never had such bad days with Carol.  I know our twenty-fourth wedding anniversary is coming in August, and somehow I realized that we met on June 13, 1994.  I checked and am right.  It was a Monday.
        I had flown up from south Florida to sail Carol and the German man who was then a part of her life across the Atlantic.  
        I have done few deliveries because I don’t like to sail boats I have not prepared myself.  I did this one less for the money than the prospect that I might meet a woman along the way. 
        Our first sight of one another was in a loading zone at Logan Airport.  I doubt that love and Logan Airport have ever before been used in the same sentence.
        Two nights later, after a bon voyage party on the boat, one of Carol’s best friends said to her, “Henry is a good matchmaker.”  Impressively observant.
        Carol and I were married two months and three days later.
        Happy anniversary, love of my life.