Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bundaberg: ghost ship

         I slept soundly last night and woke fully rested.  I usually don’t sleep well the first night in port.  My brain takes a while to transition from passage mode.
         I did a load of laundry this morning.  
         Took the Pelagic to a man to solder the wires back together.  After he returned it to me I hooked it up and nothing.  I opened it up and found the other wire has disconnected.  I’ll take it back to him.  Pretty delicate wires.
         Ate a fish burger the size of GANNET for lunch.  Well, I ate most of it.  Good, but too much.
         I have been thinking about my way north and doubt I will stop in Cairns.  I can top up my provisions here sufficiently to reach Darwin.
         The distance from Bundaberg to Cape York is about 1100 miles, the last 500 to 600 daysailing inside the reef.  Then 700 miles Cape York to Darwin.  
         My Internet connection is primarily through my iPhone.  I might have sufficient signal near Cairns or Port Douglas to connect, but probably not beyond.  I doubt there are many cell phone towers in the Big Empty.
         I will post the passage log later this afternoon with some photos in time. 
         The above photo was also taken by Patrick.  I like it and thank him again.
         Last evening I wrote this:

         Almost 9:00 p.m.  Rokia Traoré singing from her album BEAUTIFUL AFRICA.  GANNET is motionless.  And she shouldn’t be.  I am a man in motion.  ‘Still’ is wrong.  
         I reached land yesterday and am already ready to move on.  I won’t until next week, when unless the weather is truly weird, I will sail.  If the wind is from the north, as it was today, I’ll sail east and anchor off Frazer Island and wait for it to change.
         I’ve reread the passage log and may one more time.  I expect there are still typos and errors.  I’m long on the record as knowing that I am not good at proof-reading my own words because my mind sees what it expects to see rather than what is on the page or screen.
         I have some reservations about the entry of May 7, but I will let it stand.  Seeking joy and believing you have a talent for it is not to be despised.