Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Evanston: ordered; fire

        Accompanied by a Wagnerian thunderclap, which seemed excessive, a modest trumpet fanfare would have been enough, but I don’t manage sound effects, I pressed the ‘submit order’ button on Campmor’s site yesterday and 145 packages of freeze dry meals will soon be on their way to San Diego.
        Two of the items on my list, one of the wrap fillings and sweet and sour pork, were not available, so I ordered a few more of others.  
        Because each pack of Santa Fe Chicken makes two meals, this is a total of 152 dinners.
        $905, after a bulk discount of $145, was about what I expected, at an average cost of $5.95 per meal.  There are cheaper alternatives, but, barring damage to the boat, months spent as sea are inexpensive, and, for me, the convenience in provisioning and minimal preparation and clean-up are well worth the added expense.
        I also ordered several cheap duffle bags to help organize stowage.  This was guesswork.  I’m not sure exactly how I’ll use them.
        And I placed the order with JetBoil for a case of twenty-four 230 gram fuel canisters.  This is the middle size and best suited to GANNET.

        James from San Diego sent me a link to a news item:  Sailboat destroyed by fire in Mission Bay.  The article stated that the fire was at Driscoll’s Marina and the boat 24’ long.  Hmm.
        Not having heard from the marina, I assumed that it was not GANNET.  However, almost all small boats are on A dock and I could not recall many that are 24’ long.  
        I called Driscoll this morning.  The fire was on B dock.
        However, I did come awake in the middle of the night thinking, “What the hell am I going to do with all that freeze dry food?”