Thursday, February 13, 2014

San Diego: thirty-six years; unphoned

        The two photos were taken from the same vantage point on the bridge over Mission Bay thirty-six years apart.  The top one of GANNET yesterday; the second of CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE in 1978.  I am 72.  It took me half a lifetime to get a big boat.
        The shot of GANNET was taken by Steve Earley, who is a professional photographer as well as a friend, and it shows.  We went sailing for a couple of hours on a day so lovely I hesitate to mention it, knowing what the weather is like for many of you in the east of this country and the west of the UK.
        Once out of the channel, the tiller pilot mostly steered and Steve was in nearly constant motion, finding angles from which to shoot which I would not have imagined.
        Back in Quivira Basin, I dropped Steve off at a fuel dock, perhaps needless to say GANNET’s first ever visit to that dock, and he walked to the top of the bridge.
        He took lots of photos and has posted some on his site:

        Steve said that while he was on GANNET, she did not feel small.  He sails an open boat, a Welsford Pathfinder, about the size of CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE.  But from the bridge she did look small.
        Steve thanked me for taking him for a sail.  I thank him for taking such great photos.


        Last evening my cell phone died.  This is not a big deal.  It was a cheap Tracfone which I almost never use.  I am far from a Luddite, but I have never liked telephones.  
        I’ve not wanted to get an iPhone because I don’t want a contract.  I am aware that there are contract free plans, so I started to google them last evening, then thought, Why?  I got by very well without a telephone when I kept THE HAWKE OF TUONELA in New Zealand.  With Internet access I can Skype.  It is one less thing to have to carry around and keep charged.  The phone that died chirped annoyingly when its battery was low.  And it is always good to reduce weight on Moore 24s.  So I may rephone  and I may not.