Tuesday, February 18, 2014

San Diego: slung

        I’m floating in air.  GANNET and I are spending the night in the smaller of the two travel lifts.  The yard slung her late this afternoon so I could paint the bottom of the keel and those spots blocked by the prop stands.
        The last of the VC17 is gone.  Finally.  It put up a good fight, lasting almost two years since my first assault in April 2012 when GANNET was still on her trailer for winter storage at Skipper Bud’s in Winthrop Harbor.  But I persisted and prevailed.  That often happens:  persisting and prevailing.
        I also touched up a few places on the hull and the rub rail; and had the yard drill holes for 3/8” bolts in the Jordan drogue attachment and backing plates.   
        We’ll be back in the water and our slip first thing tomorrow.  Deck scrubbed next thing.  And then I’ll decide how I like GANNET in a black skirt.