Monday, November 2, 2020

Hilton Head Island: something radical and two updates.

 Lovely twilight here a few minutes after sunset, which now that we have gone off Daylight Savings Time was at 5:32.  I seem to recall that there is a movement in California for the state to be on Daylight time year round.  For myself I would prefer that we not be on Daylight time at all, but live by the natural rhythms of the sun.

I had left two Megaboom speakers here.  Yesterday I charged them and am presently listening to Yo-Yo Ma play the 3rd Bach Cello Suite.  A glass of boxed Sauvignon Blanc is to my left.  It is acceptable, but not in the same class as bottled NZ Sauvignon Blanc which I will buy in the future, leaving boxed wine for GANNET.

Of GANNET, unless the forecast changes I am going to do something radical tomorrow and go sailing.  I will venture all of seven or eight miles and anchor for the night on the other side of Pickney Island.  Don’t want to push this too far too soon.

GANNET is no longer self-contained.  I have moved several things up here, including clothes and booze.  I will have to remember to take libations with me.  Not likely I will forget.

From Bob and Bev comes a update about Harper the long distance Great Blue Heron.  I find the details fascinating and thank them.  While this is not science only my own speculation, I hypothesize that Harper sensed the low, probably even waited until she sensed it, and then rode the eastern edge which provide tail winds south.

If you have been following Lee on his passage to Hawaii as I have you know that he fell into a deep windless hole and was drifting for the past day or two.  He seems finally to have found some wind, although unfortunately from ahead, but as I know when you have had no wind, wind from any direction is welcomed.

As I have been writing, the colors have deepened.  It is such a pleasure to be able to look up and see the sky and water.  The balcony railing and Live Oaks and Spanish Moss are black.  Skull Creek pewter.  Pickney Island black.  The sky above it gold.

Time for me to choose which frozen dinner to microwave and pour another glass of inferior wine.

Yo-Yo Ma is on the gigue.

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