Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Hilton Head Island: dawn; waiting; advisory

 You are going to get tired of my view—perhaps you already are—but I’m not.  The above was taken at dawn this morning and is untouched except for my straightening the horizon.  I ate my uncooked oatmeal this morning on the screened porch looking at that scene.

The photo was taken with my new iPhone 12 Pro, which I received last Friday.  I was due for a new phone.  My old one is a 7 Plus with a weak battery, a deep scratch on the screen and a completely filled 128 GB.  

The new phone is very nice, very pretty in the trendy Pacific Blue, very fast and has remarkable cameras assisted by almost incredible software, particularly what Apple calls Night Mode.  Here is a handheld photo taken last night after sunset with no flash in almost complete darkness.

One of the lenses is a telephoto with 4X optical zoom.  I have no idea how that is possible.  And 10X digital zoom.  In decent light there is very little noise at the maximum digital zoom and that can be minimized in editing.

A couple of more shots taken last night.

While the condo renovation is almost completely finished, the interior remains mostly empty.  As you would expect I like it this way, but I know it will not remain so.

I ordered this phone with 256 GB.  The old one was mostly filled with 78 GB of music.  Unlike many who subscribe to streaming services, I do the unthinkable and completely disconnect from time to time and need to own my music.  Alas, only half has downloaded to the new phone.  I am aware of the many ways this could be rectified, but for various tedious reasons none of them work.  I have all the music on three devices:  my MacBook, my old phone, and my iPad Pro.  That is enough.

These phones are being heavily marketed as 5G.  I visit some tech sites and know that at present 5G is with few exceptions a chimera.  However, the phone’s capability will help make it more future proof, which assumes I have enough future to need to be proofed.

I did the laundry today and waited for a fire inspector and others.  As noted some days are less epic than others.  Four masked men entered the condo at 2 PM.  A troubling sentence in ‘normal’ times, but all went well and problems were solved.

I will still be waiting for workmen and a final official inspection next week.  

Of sailing, our local waters are under a small craft advisory for tomorrow night into Friday.  I assume this is related to the passing of Zeta well to the west of us.

If I remember correctly decades ago when they were Small Craft Warnings, the definition of ‘small craft’ was anything less than 220’ long.

GANNET is ready to go sailing.  I am ready to go sailing.  One day soon we will.

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