Sunday, July 5, 2020

Hilton Head Island: but not for long

I am sitting in the green chair in the above photograph.  Glenn Gould’s 1955 performance of the Bach Goldberg’s Variations which made him famous is playing on my AirPod Pros.  Gould preferred his 1981 performance.  I do not.  About music I am to Glenn Gould as he is to me as a sailor and a writer.

Yesterday I set up the Internet with Spectrum’s self-install kit.  The installation was easy.  Connecting to the Internet was not because the network printed on the bottom of the router was wrong as was the password.  A long phone call finally sorted that out.  

I also scrubbed a year and a half of dirt off our bicycles.

But today we have accepted that too much is not functional here and that we can do nothing more except get in the way of workers, so we are flying back to Evanston on Wednesday.  

We did have an enjoyable ride on the clean bicycles early this afternoon.

All of Carol’s decisions and choices about the renovation are proving to be impeccable as is to be expected.  I can see what this place hopefully soon will be.

I have two goals for the remainder of this year.  That after almost three years and an almost inconceivable amount of money this condo will be habitable.  That GANNET be moved from San Diego and be visible beyond our deck.  

There is maybe a third, of less importance.  I would like to go to Saint Louis and view for the last time the house in which I grew up, the Mark Twain Hotel from which my father leapt to his death, the Kirkwood Public Library into which I escaped and found a wider world, and maybe a bridge over the Missouri River where when I could drive I went, parked, and climbed down to find solace beside running, muddy water that I knew led to the sea.  The sea. The glorious sea.

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