Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Evanston: quotes; ‘adventurer’: arts and culture; sailing Steve

From Larry came some quotes for which I thank him.  Three I especially like:

Politicians should wear sponsor jackets like Nascar drivers, then we know who owns them.
                   —Robin Williams

In America they call it ‘lobbying.’  Everywhere else in the world they call it, ‘bribery and corruption’.

Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining.    
                    —Theodore Roosevelt

Another quote is incorrectly attributed to Albert Einstein.  ‘A ship is always safe at shore, but that is not what it’s built for.’

First of all a ship is not an ‘it’ but a ‘she’ and I don’t care how politically incorrect.  Second, as those of you intelligent enough to visit the main site from time to time know, the correct quote is:  ‘A ship in port is safe, but that’s not what ships are built for.’  And it comes not from Albert Einstein, but from Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hooper.  You can find it on the ‘lists’ page under ‘quotes used in front of my books’.

You can get a free education here.  Don’t waste it.

Google has recently notified me that I have appeared on the Internet a couple of times.  This has been caused by YACHTING WORLD posting my article about GANNET approaching New Zealand in a gale.  A few other sites have picked it up as well.  The introduction reads:  ‘Single-handed adventurer Webb Chiles outruns a south pacific storm as he sails between the US and New Zealand’.

You know that I deny being an adventurer.  ‘Amateurs seek adventures.  Professionals seek to avoid them.’

While there, you might also note:  ‘Define yourself, or others surely will.’

If you watched THE LAST DANCE you may recall that Madonna gave Dennis Rodman the same advice.  I’m impressed.  I didn’t know she read me.

I happened across mention of Google Arts and Culture yesterday.  There are apps and there is a website.

I am amazed at what is there.  It is almost enough to cause one to wonder if the Internet might be good for something other than spreading hate, fear and lies.

Steve Earley is on the Chesapeake again.  Above is a photo of his SPARTINA taken by Curt a few weeks ago.  Having retired earlier this year from a long career as a news photographer, Steve now has more time to sail.  Good.

His tracking page is here.

And I expect that as usual in time he will post his log on his website.

I get a huge commission for every viewer I send his way, so please go.  

Actually I don’t.

Steve will be embarrassed when I say that he has the right stuff, but he does.

Sail on, Steve.  Sail on.


Go Far said...

Hi Webb-
Steve's Spot tracking page link leads to a log in page. Is there a public tracking page option available?

Webb said...

I provided an updated link in the subsequent entry. Here it is again