Sunday, February 23, 2020

San Diego: to grandmother’s house

I believe my time in San Diego, which goes back more than sixty years, is drawing to a close.  Today I walked to the more distant Ralph’s supermarket needing necessities:  oatmeal, trail mix, juice, berries, gin.  I also bought yoghurt for lunch and a prepared turkey Cobb salad for dinner.  I wondered at the ‘Cobb’, Goggled and learned that the salad was probably invented at the Brown Derby Restaurant in Los Angeles and named after the restaurant’s owner, Robert Cobb.  You really do get a bargain here:  great sailing; great writing; and an all around education.

Along the way I stopped and made a brief video at the location of my grandmother’s house where I spent my high school summers.  I will upload it when I can.  It is part of where all this began.  The other part is in Kirkwood, Missouri, and I plan to go there later this year to document that too.

In the video I said that this is Sunday, February 24.  It is in fact the 23rd.  A lovely day.  In the low 60s F.  Light wind.  And as you can see sunny.  

There were a lot of people on the beach and on what is called the boardwalk though it is made of concrete.  With bicycles, scooters, skate boards, in line skaters, and distracted walkers, really too many.

The top photo I call Duvall Street West which will have meaning to those who know Key West. 

The second is of an unusual and charming collection of kites that I passed along the way.  Grace and beauty with no purpose beyond their transient selves.

Last night I slept an unprecedented eleven hours.

I listened to music and sipped Sauvignon Blanc until about 8:30 when I retired to the v-berth to read.  I only had two glasses of wine, but when I went forward I fell asleep.  I woke from time to time during the night, but never for very long.  Inexplicably I finally got up around 7 AM.  I have not been doing anything strenuous.  Perhaps needless to say I am very well rested.