Thursday, February 6, 2020

San Diego: joy and Steve Earley

Just before I left Evanston I received a link from Peter to a YouTube video titled ‘Ballon Art and the Mysterious Nature of Joy‘.  I thank him. 

I watched the video just before I went to the airport. I am glad I did because videos are beyond the limited Internet on GANNET.

Some of you may recall that I have written that our lives are as brief as a butterfly’s cough and that I believe they are redeemed by moments of joy.

The video is just under thirteen minutes long, entertaining and wise.  I doubt you will do anything else today better than view it.

My friend, Steve Earley has posted an excellent entry in his Log of SPARTINA that his last day on the job as a news photographer is tomorrow. 

 Steve and I correspond frequently and I knew this was coming as part of the apparently unstoppable decline in print newspapers.  He has been fortunate to have been born when he was and have this happen when he is ready for retirement.  Among other things, his spring and fall cruises in SPARTINA will be longer.  They might even meld together into one.

As soon as I read the entry I thought of the above photograph, which I ran here some years ago.  Fortunately Steve also runs it today so I didn’t have to search.  Steve is too modest when he says he is not a great photographer because that is a great photograph and only one of many he has shot.

I noticed in the comments that someone expressed the hope that Steve might now write a book about eating his way around the Chesapeake.  Personally I hope he does something better than that.  

I wish him joy.  

I wish all of you joy.