Tuesday, February 11, 2020

San Diego: GANNET rising; neighbors

A beautiful day and about time.  San Diego is in a desert and not supposed to be dank.  I was about to file a complaint, though I don’t know with whom.

I got in the dinghy and scrubbed the waterline.  There is still some black slim not easily removed, but the bottom was in better condition than I expected with the little boat just sitting here for months and bottom paint a year and 7,000 miles old.

As I scrubbed and you can see in the above photo GANNET is at least two inches higher in the water than usual.  I have removed a lot of weight from her.  There are only two gallons of fresh water on her, easily refilled at the hose on the dock, rather than more than twenty.  The Torqeedo batteries are not on board.  I am down to my last fifty freeze dry dinners, some of which  date from New Zealand four years ago, rather than often more than one hundred and fifty.  The dinghy was not on board.  All this adds up to more than two hundred pounds or about 10% of the little boat’s total displacement.

After scrubbing I rowed out and around the bait barge.  It was just before noon and everyone was quiet and most were sleeping.