Thursday, February 27, 2020

San Diego: drinks on deck

Last evening with Steve Earley, who brought a chilled bottle of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  Steve flew home to the East Coast today, so tonight two glasses of pretty good Bordeaux by myself.  Temperatures these last few days have been ideal.   Mid 70s F/ around 25 C.  Winter north of the Equator and beyond the Tropics doesn’t get much better.  I started to listen to a shuffled playlist of non-classical, but it did not suit me, so I switched to Bach, who always suits me, an odd album of Glenn Gould performing THE ART OF THE FUGUE that must have been cobbled together from multiple recordings because some of the tracks are on organ and some piano.  It doesn’t matter because all are pleasing.

I did my full workout on the foredeck this afternoon for the first time since I returned to GANNET.  After laying off for a few weeks I always wonder if I can.  I could.

Tomorrow I go to FedEx to pick up the cremated ashes of my friend Louise which I will spread at sea as she wished sometime next week.  A sobering thought for a drinking man.