Tuesday, February 18, 2020

San Diego: abeyance; selling GANNET; go east

I awoke this morning expecting to get my Torqeedo batteries back and have a replacement stern deck running light delivered by Amazon.  The batteries—the Torqeedo only uses one, but I have a spare—were recalled for inspection because some are not properly sealed and if water gets inside can explode and/or catch fire.  Not exactly what you want hanging off your stern.  My batteries passed inspection.  I planned to fit them and test the Torqeedo today and to install the replacement running light.  However, as Robbie Burns observed plans ‘aft gang a-gley.’

At 8:30 I got a telephone call from the inspection shop apologizing that they had sent me the wrong batteries and would I please refuse the order.  I took this message up to the marina office, explaining that the shipment would be two large boxes.  I don’t know if they have yet arrived and if so if they have been refused.  I do know that the replacement deck light from Amazon was refused.  So now I have no plans and no idea when I will get my batteries.

Instead I walked three miles to a supermarket.  I needed berries, trail mix, grapefruit juice, tequila, and the exercise.  I also bought paper towels, yoghurt for lunch and a turkey salad for dinner.

I have been thinking of selling GANNET.  There, I knew that would get your attention.  To put your fevered mind at ease, I am not going to, but I was slightly tempted.  

I have long admired a class of boats known as Aphrodite 101s, which are in many ways a longer Moore 24, and I happened upon one for sale on the East Coast with an asking price of $15.000.  

I do not know what it will cost to have GANNET towed from San Diego to South Carolina, but I expect I could sell the little boat here and buy the Aphrodite with that amount plus what is saved by not having the tow.  But then I realized why would I want to do that?  I have put a lot of time and money into having GANNET the way I want her.  She is a great boat.  She suits me.  And I don’t want to start over again converting a day/short course racer into an ocean voyager.  So I won’t.

However, I am giving consideration to the possibility that the next time I return to San Diego it will be to send the little boat east.   I have always liked being in San Diego, but it is a city.  As I write these words an airplane just having taken off from Lindbergh Field is flying over, and I no longer want to be urban.  Plus of course there are few places to sail to in California where I can anchor in solitude.  Perhaps none.  There is reason to hope that the long delayed condo renovation may soon be underway.  GANNET’s future is anchoring with alligators.