Thursday, November 7, 2019

San Diego: a change of prespective

I am no longer at sea level, but thirteen stories up in the Hilton Hotel overlooking mega yachts and San Diego Bay.  Carol has flown here for a business conference in the hotel and will add vacation days to stay through next Wednesday.  On Saturday we move to the Hyatt on Quivira Basin so she can partake of the world’s best carne asada taco and we can sit and sip wine on GANNET in the afternoons.  We then drive up to spend a night with my friends, Susan and Howard, in Julian before Carol flies back to the frozen flatlands.  I follow her a week later.

I am managing to survive the hardships of a real bed with sheets, hot and cold running water, a flush toilet and not having to walk to a distant shower.  However the only true attraction, other than being with Carol, is good unlimited Internet.  I have caught up with app updates, magazine issue downloads in Apple News+ and am starting to watch videos to which readers have sent me recent links.

This morning I Ubered back to GANNET because two waterproof duffle bags I had ordered and which were scheduled to be delivered next week were delivered yesterday.  I bought them to improve my clothes stowage.  In the past I have had harbor clothes in one big duffle bag and passage clothes in another.  Neither of these bags were waterproof so everything inside them had to be in plastic trash bags as well.  The two new bags are about 2/3s the size of the first bags and therefore easier to stow and the contents, not being trash bagged, are easier to locate.    I have decided that if it won’t fit in the new bags I can live without it.  I made the transfer this morning and find the new arrangement as satisfactory as I hoped.

I then Ubered back to a supermarket not far from the hotel, bought a Boreshead Buffalo Club sandwich, half for lunch today, half tomorrow, some mixed fruit, and four bran raisin muffins, one of which I just ate for lunch dessert.  I also bought a bottle of wine after we paid hotel prices of $42 last night for a very poor bottle of wine that we drank in our room.  Tonight I am treating us to what I am sure will be very overpriced martinis.

I just remembered that this is workout day.  Well, I have an hour or two to recover from muffin overdose.