Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Evanston: cracked; ageless ballerina

        Harsh reality has become harsher.
        Last evening I tripped over the power cord for my iPad and fell, hitting my left side hard on the edge of the coffee table and fracturing a rib.  Mine.  The coffee table is doing quite well.  
        This morning Carol drove me to a Northwestern walk-in clinic which verified that was all I broke.  I was given a prescription for some anti-inflammatory/pain medication and told that the rib will heal itself in a month or two.  I share the opinion of those who believe that old fools who fall should be dispatched forthwith.  Hopefully humanely.
        I had planned to resume my workouts today.  That is not going to happen for a long time.
        It might seem odd to some that I should injure myself on land rather than on water, but not to me. I know that the land is far more dangerous than the ocean.

        I thank Larry for a link to a video of a performance of infinite beauty and skill by I was told a 74 year old Chinese ballerina and her grandson.   It takes two minutes and thirty-six seconds.  You are unlikely to spend a better two minutes today. 

        There is a spoiler.  Don’t read below the link until after you have viewed the video.  I am putting extra space after the link to assist you.


        My initial impression was of awe and disbelief that anyone 74 years old could look so youthful and perform so magnificently.
        That disbelief was justified.  Further searching reveals that the man is her husband and the child who appears briefly is their son.
        Whatever her age, she is the embodiment of elegance and grace.