Monday, July 15, 2019

San Diego: Rustoleum and me; three hypotheses; flat

        GANNET’s interior is painted from the bow to the main bulkhead.  The bilge is also painted.
        I did the bow to the partial bulkhead and the bilge yesterday and the rest of the forward area today.
        The bow is difficult requiring long awkward reaching.
        Many of you wrote that you have used and recommend Rustoleum.  Jim and Steve and Glenn, in addition to Kent.  How is it that I have gone all these years without knowing this?  I’m still learning.
        James wrote about a special extra hard Appliance Epoxy Rustoleum.  I found it in a spray can and used it on the bilge.  For the rest I used flat white Rustoleum from a can.  
        The fumes from the spray can were intense even with the hatches open.  Fortunately GANNET’s bilge is small and didn’t take long, after which I sat on deck until fumes dissipated  below brain damage level.  I hope.
        Painting while living on board is complicated by having to move everything out of a given area and then back in at the end of the day.  San Diego’s lack of rain makes this easier.
        Glenn, who beautifully restored GRENDEL, the prototype Moore 24, wrote that he used Rustoleum inside and out down to the waterline and sent along these photos which I am permitted to share with you.
        Looking at them, it seems to me that GRENDEL’s mast is farther forward than is GANNET’s, but I am not certain this is the case.

        I expect to have the interior painted to the end of the pipe berths this week.  I don’t think I am going to paint the stern area.  I got stuck back there last time I did.


        Several readers inquired about the ‘Three Hypotheses’ post.  Apple never had a way to search iWeb, but I googled ‘Webb Chiles three hypotheses’ and got an instant link.

        That was even before fake news.


        Michael sent me the following which he saw on a friend’s Facebook page.