Tuesday, July 9, 2019

San Diego: robbed; ODYSSEUS

        Many problems are self-solving.  Finding a place to leave my bicycle when I go sailing is no longer a problem.  The bike was stolen this afternoon.  
        I sanded the companionway bulkhead this morning, then biked to a large shopping center across from the Sports Arena to go to Home Depot, Target, and Ralph’s, a supermarket.  I locked the bike to a bike rack between Ralph’s and an Old Navy store, was gone about fifteen minutes and returned to find it was gone.  I didn’t have my phone with me so couldn’t Uber and walked the 2.3 miles back to GANNET.  This is not a big deal, even with a full knapsack on my back.  As you know I walked almost twice that far yesterday without leaving the marina.
        I am sorry to have lost that bike.  I liked it.  It rode well and was comfortable.
        I will not be buying a replacement immediately, if ever.
        Partially that is because of the marina rule prohibiting leaving bikes on the dock.  I didn’t like having the bike on the deck or having to find a place for it when I leave the dock, though two neighbors have told me I could leave it on their boats.  Partially it is that I am in a strong simplification phase and want to get rid of everything I can live without.  And partially it is because I can ride Uber about thirty times for the cost of another bike.
        So I will Uber, perhaps take buses, and walk.
        The good news is that I now have one coat of Deks Olje on the bulkhead which looks dramatically better than when I started work this morning.


        This morning I met Jim, who maintains ODYSSEUS, GANNET’s huge neighbor.
        He said that despite the Swan cove stripe, she is not a Swan.  She is 88’ long on deck, but with the small launch hoisted on the stern, 100’ overall.  She was built in France, sailed across to the East Coast of the US, then through Panama to the West Coast, where she has gone as far north as San Francisco.  The current owner is 75 years old and finds that sailing takes too much time.  He prefers to fly places.  
        You may or may not forgive me for taking satisfaction that GANNET has sailed far farther than ODYSSEUS.
        ODYSSEUS is for sale.  GANNET is not.  Some old men have time to sail.  I thank James for a link to the listing for ODYSSEUS.  Although the price shown is $549,000, Jim said the asking price has been dropped to $499,000.  If her systems are sound, this is a bargain.  I am not interested.