Sunday, June 9, 2019

Evanston: canoagator

June 9, Sunday
Evanston:  canoagater

        The photo of a Seminole canoe with sail on Biscayne Bay of to me unknown age comes from Kent and Audrey who have an armada of restored small boats at their home near Pensacola, Florida, one of which is similar to the Seminole boat. Photos of the craft always make me smile.  I am not sure if she is a canoagater or a sharkanoe.


        PRACTICAL BOAT OWNER in England wants to reprint a piece I wrote for another British publication, YACHTING WORLD, about my three hundred mile drift in an inflatable after CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE pitchpoled in May 1980 between Fiji and what is now Vanuatu.  The magazine is paying me with the painting that will be used to illustrate the article.  The artist, Richard Everett, has chosen the moment I was rowing through breaking surf to reach Emae Island.  In responding to questions Richard asked, I came across this picture I took of myself a few minutes after I reached land. 
        A self-portait of a man who had been on the edge of survival for fourteen days, taken  long before the narcissistic and trivial ‘selfie‘ even existed.


        You may have read that Apple wants to turn the iPad into a laptop replacement and to that end is coming out this fall with a new iPad OS that will make that significantly easier.
        My iPad Pro is perhaps the most appealing device I have ever owned.  I want to use it and do for all that I can.
        In anticipation of the coming OS I am writing more on the iPad including this entry and an article I just started, and have ordered a second and possibly better keyboard.
        I am not sure why Apple would like us to buy iPads instead of MacBooks, but I am willing.