Monday, January 14, 2019

Skull Creek: transformed

        GANNET is now in passage mode.  Order is restored, although not everything is yet tied in place.  The four jerry cans are filled with water.  I am happy.
        The transformation took two hours this morning.
        I happened across seemingly good waterproof bags at Walmart last year.  I used two on my sail to the Chesapeake and bought three more last week.  One replaces the bag in which I keep electrical supplies and another replaces the bag in which I stow lunches.  One is now a bag in which I stow bags, zip-lock and trash.  The other two are filled with clothes, crackers, a tiller pilot and the Torqeedo tiller arm, which are more easily accessible than the duffle bags further forward in which they normally reside.
        I did not bike to a supermarket today.
        I did bring to GANNET the last of the clothes I had in the storage locker at the condo.  I am leaving behind a sleeping bag and our bicycles.  
        Although there are many fine qualities to life here and mostly friendly people, I will sail from Hilton Head Island with the prospect that I may never return.  If I don’t, I will miss my bicycle, which is the nicest I have owned.
        I downloaded a GRIB in LuckGrib an hour ago.  
        I will download another tomorrow, but from what I am seeing today, it seems likely that we will not depart this week.