Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Skull Creek: Tibetan wisdom

        I bicycled eleven miles today and walked four, all just going about my business.  I am not even weary.  The great thing about muscles is that when used they strengthen quickly even in old bodies,
        I was walking out the pier to the marina just before sunset with beautiful slanting light on Skull Creek and spartina.
        Part of my biking was to a supermarket where I bought more provisions and to a nearby liquor store where I bought a bottle of Plymouth gin, a crystal glass of which is to my left, and a bottle of Laphroaig, which will soon be opened.  Boxed red wine last evening was not satisfactory.
        I stowed and rearranged.  I removed the Torqeedo from the stern and charged its battery, which was only down to 94%.  I ordered another halyard shackle, which Jay suggests will as soon as it is fitted result in the discovery of the first one.  Jay has also suggested that I solicit any information or contacts that any of you have that might ease GANNET’s way across Panama, which I hereby do.  An email address for me can be found on the main site.
        A cold north wind blew today.  I wish for it to be blowing when I am ready to depart.
        I have started downloading GRIBs in LuckGrib.  The iPad version differs from the Mac version and has useful tutorials built in.  As with most apps, I prefer the iPad version.
        Here is a screen shot of a GRIB from a couple of days ago.

        My route will be from Hilton Head Island outside the Bahamas through the Windward Passage at the east end of Cuba and then to Panama.  Trade winds from the Windward Passage on.
        I find it satisfying that the completion of this voyage can be seen in this GRIB.  I am increasingly inclined to sail from Panama directly to San Diego.  The final stretch hard on the wind should be less than a thousand miles.  It may not all be strong wind.  I will try to find an angle against it that is not too hard on a little boat and an old sailor.  And there is the possibility in winter of a low that will bring south wind.
  The next two days and nights here are due to be cool.  Highs in the 40sF, lows in the 30sF.  I have a good sleeping bag, actually part of a three part system with another sleeping bag and a water resistant cover that can all be zipped together, a gift from Tom Head, so I will be fine,  Until I reread the article I wrote about sailing up here a year ago, I had forgotten that the night I reached Hilton Head and anchored in Port Royal Sound the temperature was 38º.  And I do have that upopened bottle of Laphroaig,

I thank Roger for this, with which I fully agree and try to live.