Sunday, January 6, 2019

Hilton Head Island: Limbo

        There is beauty here.
        The two sides of Hilton Head Island are very different.
        The ocean side has the sound and smell and sight of the open ocean and a beautiful wide white sand beach ten miles/sixteen kilometers long, half to a third of which on the water side is hard packed and excellent for walking and biking.  It also has a lot of people.  Tourists naturally gravitate to the ocean.
        The land side is quieter, has different species of birds, wading blue herons and egrets—this afternoon I watched a small woodpecker attack an oak tree just beyond our terrace—fewer cars, and often beautiful sunsets.  I enjoy watching the dying light change on trees, Spanish Moss, and water.  It also has great bike trails.  I pumped up my bike’s tires, lubricated various moving parts, and rode a few miles this morning.  And, for me, close proximity to GANNET.
        I am presently in limbo.  
        Most of my life is on the little boat in the travel lift a few hundred yards/meters away.  At the moment nothing has a proper place or focus.  I had to put on a spare pair of eyeglasses this morning to find my usual eyeglasses.  That will change when GANNET goes back in the water, hopefully tomorrow.
        I have organized and packed my freeze dry meals into three doubled bags of 34 meals each.  
        Sailing the world in small boats makes one an expert in odd subjects, among them trash bags.  
        South Africa has a world class brand that claims, almost legitimately, to be ‘as strong as steel.’  I still have some on GANNET.
        But I found no name ‘leaf  bags’ at Walmart that are huge and strong.  A roll of 30  cost $9.95.  My freeze dry food is in them.
        The last light has vanished as I have been writing.  Black night beyond the terrace  broken only be a few white lights in the marina and a green flashing light on an Intracoastal Waterway marker.