Friday, December 28, 2018

Evanston: incredibly good; incredibly expensive; incredibly pervasive

        As you would expect, I am not a Bruce Springsteen fan.  Or I wasn’t until viewing the Netflix film of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY with Carol a few evenings ago.  It and he are incredibly better than I expected, both as a performer and a writer.  I checked and he is credited with being the writer of the show.  The words are very, very good, and he delivers them, as well as sings them, extraordinarily well.
        If you google you will find all kinds of rave reviews.  They are deserved.
        Here are links to the Wikipedia entry about the show and the NY TIMES review.


        I thank Ron for a link to whisky costing $200,000 a bottle.
        Because the link is Australian, I wondered if that was $200,00 Australian or US.  In goggling I found it is US and that on other sites Tribute to Honor is said to cost even more:  $250,000 a bottle.  But if you have that kind of money, what is a mere $50,000?
        Assuming 16 drinks to the bottle, at the low price of $200,000, each drink will cost $12,500.
        I leave it to you to draw whatever conclusions you may.


       That Jeff Bezos has taken over the world is obvious.  Unnecessary further proof came as I refined my shopping for GANNET.
        In the past when in the US I have bought all my freeze dry food from CampMor, but as I have mentioned here before they no long stock Mountain House, so as I made my list, I thought at first that I was going to have to order some from CampMor, some from REI, and some from Mountain House.  Then I found I can buy everything from Amazon.
        I was going to order today, but in this instance Amazon is too efficient.  Delivery would be made on Sunday.  We don’t fly to Hilton Head until Monday, so I will wait until tomorrow.
        I did this morning order a new halyard shackle and replacement Blue Performance sheet bags from Defender.