Thursday, November 15, 2018

Evanston: snow; three principles to live by

        I provide this photo taken from our condo this morning as a pubic service to enrich the lives of those of you unfortunate, or perhaps intelligent enough to live in places with good climates.  A blizzard it wasn’t, lasting less than an hour and even with temperature only slightly above freezing the snow is already gone.


        In an exchange of emails with a friend, I wrote:
        There are small penguins, not much bigger than a football, in NZ waters.  I have few principles, but one of them is not to swim in water cold enough for penguins.
        John wrote back:

        I like the penguin principle, that's a good way to live, with a few solid principles.  When my son sailed from California to Australia with little offshore experience I tried to imbue him with two principles : 1) stay on the boat,  2) keep the water out of the boat.  It gets confusing if you have too many.

        I agree.  Those three are enough.