Friday, June 1, 2018

Skull Creek: partially decked; a minority opinion

        Three 2 meter x 1 meter/six ½ feet x 3 ¼ feet rolls of Raptor non-skid were delivered late yesterday and I got five pieces in place this morning, one on either side of the cockpit, and three in the bow.
        GANNET’s non-skid is eclectic. Diamond pattern Treadmaster on the cockpit sole; two strips of a New Zealand product on the starboard side of the foredeck to protect it when anchoring; and now the Raptor.
        The Raptor is interesting.  A different kind of surface with less texture and therefore less abrasive to skin and clothes.  It costs about $110 or $115 a sheet and is easy to work with.  I cut it with a shears.  One caveat is that after making cuts, the paper covering the adhesive on the bottom tends to shred on the edge of the cut and must be removed carefully.
        As I may have mentioned Raptor says the decking is UV resistant and should last seven years.  
        If I am still alive and still own GANNET, I’ll let you know.
        Here is a link to their website.  I don’t believe they make the diamond pattern any longer.  If you click on their online brochure, what I am using is like that on the Transpac 52.
        I have not yet figured out what shapes I am going to use in the area around the mast.


        At 32º North Hilton Head Island is well beyond the Tropics, but it does not feel like it.  
        I had to wait for the dew to dry on the deck before starting work this morning and then had to stop when sweat pouring into my eyes made it impossible to see.  91ºF/almost 33ºC at 1 p.m.
        I understand that in most of the world summer is longed for and cherished.  Not here.  Not by me.  It is too hot and the hurricane season.
        I can hardly wait for November.