Friday, May 18, 2018

Skull Creek: a great photo and an impressive voyage

        The photo, which might have been a painting by Winslow Homer, was taken by Steve Earley as he sailed SPARTINA up the Manokin River at dawn during his just completed spring cruise.  Zoom the photo as large as you can.  You will find his track and more photos here.
        I thank Steve for permission to use it.


        I thank Tom for a link to an article about the smallest boat to have circumnavigated.  The voyage was also made non-stop.
        I am surprised that the smallest circumnavigating boat is this large, and while it does not diminish the achievement, I wonder why if he had no sponsors there all those signs on the hull and sails.
        Free advertising?


        A rainy morning.
        I checked the radar on a phone app—and though that now seems commonplace, it really is almost miraculous—and think the rain is coming to an end.  I hope so.  I need some things from the supermarket and I need exercise.