Monday, March 12, 2018

Evanston: too well; an epic passage; Tamborine

        I thank Ian for the above photo which caused him to think of me.
        Contemplating, as I am sure you often do, the list of things I love, you know that the last item is that some of you understand.
        Obviously, some of you understand too well.


        The March issue of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC has an article about bird migrations.  I am most impressed by that of godwits, moderate size birds that forage in tidal waters.  In the northern fall they fatten up in their Alaskan breeding grounds and then fly non-stop to New Zealand in eight or nine days, with daily runs of about 700 nautical miles.  Six months later in the southern fall, they return to Alaska with a stop-over on the shores of the Yellow Sea.
        I am humbled.


        Old white men are not Chris Rock’s target audience, but both Carol and I enjoyed his recent Netflix special, Tamborine, in which he is funny while making some insightful observations.  I recommend it to those who are not offended by profanity.
        The title is spelled correctly, having been taken from a song by Prince which I have never heard.