Thursday, March 8, 2018

Evanston: a successful challenge; a note in a bottle; free

        Tom has just successfully completed the Everglades Challenge, a three hundred mile expedition race from Tampa Bay to Key Largo, with check points along the way, in his beautifully home built Welsford Pathfinder, FIRST LIGHT.  Here is a link to a short video he shot the last day.
        FIRST LIGHT is moving well, has an uncluttered cockpit, and companions.
        If you click on ‘Leon Boy’ on that page, you will find more of his videos including one of his usual crew, but not on this race, enjoying a sunset.
        Congratulations, Tom, and to all those who participated.
        Well done.


        I’ve now seen references to this several places online, but I thank James for first bringing to my attention the oldest note in a bottle ever found.  An interesting and pleasing story.


        Today is a great day that should go down in the annals of time:  Comcast Freedom Day.  I just made the call and discontinued service.  Those of you outside the U.S.  will probably not understand, but my fellow Americans will.  
        Comcast is the biggest cable company in the U.S. with pricing and bills that are so deliberately opaque that even their own representatives don’t understand them.  Their bills do have one certainty:  they continually go up.  Our final bill from them was $229.94.  The replacement services will cost $100 per month and would be $15 less than that if we did not have to use an old cell phone to answer the front door intercom of our building.  I make that as an annual savings of S1559.28 or 31.18 bottles of Laphroaig.
        I will toast our delightful freedom this evening with contents from one of them.