Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Evanston: cold

        The Evanston sky is gray and low.  The temperature around freezing.  An inch or so of snow fell overnight.  With wind in my face, I was glad to have on my winter parka and gloves when I walked yesterday to the supermarket for yoghurt, berries, milk, bread and gin—all the necessities.  When in mid-afternoon I checked the temperature at Hilton Head Island, I found it to be precisely double ours.  I immediately booked my flight back, though it is not until seven weeks from today, after Carol’s birthday.

        The photo above is of real cold.  Markus, an Estonian commercial fisherman and sailor, sent it with this note:  February 27th at 60º40'N, 20º05E.  Wind 25 knots- gusting 30, air temperature -13ºC/08ºF  water -0 something.
        It makes me cold just looking at it.
        I checked out the position.

        That cold may be related to an ecological tragedy unfolding on English coasts.

        These photos were sent by Martin, whose daughter is the maritime environmental officer for the east coast.
        It is speculated that the drop in water temperature caused by two recent storms was so quick and severe that creatures were unable to adapt, particularly those who hold themselves in place on the seabed.  They literally lost their grip and were washed ashore.