Thursday, February 22, 2018

Hilton Head Island: perfect; business trip

        Although those of you living in the north do not want to hear this, perfect day follows perfect day here.  It is in fact even nicer than usual for this time of year.  Savannah is seeing record highs in the 80sF.  On the coastal barrier islands, our highs are in the mid to high 70s, light wind, often early morning fog that the sun soon burns away.  I am sleeping with the windows in the  bedroom and doors to the terrace  open.
        I love watching the  light change on the water during the day and the tide moving in and out, covering and uncovering spartina, the sea grass which provided the name for a novel after which Steve Earley named his boat.  I am pleased to have this constant reminder of Steve and a small open boat.
        Living in this condo is like living on a boat, a very large and luxurious boat by my simple standards.
        The photos are of the trees just off our terrace.
        Live oaks and palms.
        Both are tenacious.

        One oak appears to have sent up five trunks while another made a strong move sideways and sent up two.  They are flexible.  Their limbs move with the wind.  They live for hundreds of years.
         I hope to enjoy watching them for a few.


        A week from today I leave this version of paradise and fly to New York on what Carol has pointed out is for me a business trip.  Webb Chiles on a business trip?  Put on your hard hats, the sky must be falling.


        GANNET has a new main halyard.  She recently also had a new main sheet and jib sheets.,
        When I tied a bowline into the rigger’s bosun chair last week I noticed that the outer cover was frayed at the point where the halyard curves around the masthead sheave when the sail is at full hoist.  
        I have cut pieces off the line to renew it in the past  and I have double-ended it, but it was time to buy a new halyard.  I think a new main halyard every 25,000 miles can be justified.

        I stopped writing and hear silence.