Thursday, January 25, 2018

Skull Creek: home

        39ºF/4ºC outside, 46ºF/7.7ºC in the Great Cabin at 7 a.m. this morning.  Hard to force myself from my sleeping bag, which now, though fully dressed including heavy Polartec, I am using as a lap robe while sitting at Central.
        As I relate in the passage log which I will upload later today, we raised anchor and sailed and powered the seven miles to our slip yesterday morning.  Beautiful coming into the creek accompanied by birds and a dolphin.
        I got the keys to the condo yesterday and walked around.  It is visible from GANNET, though partially hidden behind trees.  GANNET, hidden by bigger boats, is not visible from the condo.  By the useful Measure Map app, condo and GANNET are 565’/172 meters apart in a straight line.
        GANNET is presently in a 38’ slip.  She will be moved to a 30’ slip when one becomes available and even then will be charged for only 25.5’ under a formula the marina uses if your boat is smaller than your slip.  
        Completely and delightfully quiet here last night.  No noise of the city.
        I am very glad to be here.  Even more so when I thought I might be being buffeted today by strong head winds a few hundred miles south.  Sometimes it is good to be wrong.