Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Port Royal Sound: almost

        GANNET is anchored in Port Royal Sound, seven miles from her slip at Skull Creek Marina.  We battled near zero visibility fog, gusty winds and an outgoing tide, but couldn’t quite get the job done before sunset, which it just did.
        I never dreamed we’d make it here in three days.  The Gulf Stream gave us more of a boost than I expected, including a new best noon to noon run for GANNET of 185 miles.
        Other details:
        Monday was a day of sailing joy and perfection.
        Saturday night was a night of sailing pain and suffering.
        The Torqeedo died just as I pushed GANNET away from the boat yard wall, so I sailed out.
        The depthsounder doesn’t work.
        The masthead tri-color doesn’t work.
        It is going to be cold tonight:  around 41ºF/5º.  A warming glass of Laphroaig is at hand.