Friday, January 12, 2018

Marathon: improving

        I did the chores I planned yesterday.
        GANNET looks much better with a clean deck.
        While washing her I hosed a ton of leaves overboard that were hidden in corners and beneath sheet bags.
        Today I tested the tiller pilots.  All four—three Raymarine, one Pelagic—work.  For now.
        The rigger came and went up the mast.
        Irma blew the tacking arms off the Windex.  They aren’t essential, but it didn’t look right, so I had him install a new one.
        The other night I tested the lights.  All worked except the steaming light.  This is actually irrelevant because GANNET has never been under power after dark, but he installed a new bulb and now I will be legal if she ever is.
        The Raymarine masthead wind unit was not transmitting to the display.   I hoped it just needed re-pairing, but when brought back down to deck, that didn’t work and it needs to go back to Raymarine.  Again.
        I cleaned the bilge and scrubbed mold.
        An epic life.
        Strong north wind is forecast for the next week, exactly what I don’t want.  South or west would be perfect.  East would do once I get around the corner and head north.
        I could easily be ready to sail tomorrow.  I will be ready a week from today and leave when the wind cooperates.
        The sailing distance to Hilton Head Island is about 550 miles.  I will probably sail there directly, but there are lots of places I can stop if I decide to.
        The Yellowbrick is charged.  I’ll turn it on for the short passage.

        A little over four months after Irma,  there are still some piles of debris beside the road and some businesses have not reopened, but mostly the Keys look as though the storm never happened. 
        I am told that there were 280-300 boats in Boot Key Harbor here when Irma’s eye made landfall twenty miles to the west.  50-60 survived.  Only a few moorings failed.  Mostly lines connecting boats to them chaffed through and some cleats were torn out of decks.