Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Evanston: proven despicable

        I had determined not to give these intrepid voyagers another thought, but this morning I chanced upon the following in the GUARDIAN.

        If the facts in the article are true—and one can never be certain these days—the women are proven despicable.
        They are not the only ones.
        I became so irritated at the coverage of this on the NBC evening news last Friday that I vowed, not for the first time, never to watch network news again.  
        If you measure success by appealing to the greatest possible number, you will lose your soul.  Network news, an unholy amalgam of the National Enquirer and Entertainment Tonight designed to increase hysteria whenever possible, has long lost its soul, if it ever had one.
        I probably will watch again on the occasion of natural and unnatural disasters, such as hurricanes and the next mass shooting, but I will not watch regularly or often.  One of the pleasures of life on GANNET is that when on board I never do.