Thursday, September 21, 2017

Evanston: a mess; new food; three star

        Karen just sent me four photos of GANNET’s interior, for which I thank her.  It is a mess because that is the way I hurriedly left it when my travel plans were changed by Hurricane Harvey.  I am too ashamed to post them.  But they show no interior damage and less than an inch of water in the GANNET’s narrow bilge.  
        I read that electricity has been mostly restored in the Keys.  I am told that the boat yard is open but with limited mail, internet and telephone service.  Apparently there is some cell phone coverage.  I hope that life is improving for those there.


        Wirecutter ran a review of ‘Best Backpacking Food,’ which of course for me is also sailing food, and their favorite is a Thai curry from a brand, Good To-Go, with which I am not familiar.  Good To-Go is available online from Campmor, where I buy my freeze dry food when in the U.S., in both single and double servings.   
        I already have about 100 freeze dry meals on GANNET, more than enough to complete the voyage, but I am going to test Good To-Go and perhaps some of the other meals mentioned in the article.
        Curry can be too spicy and thirst inducing on passages where water is limited.


        If you have been here a while, you know that my cooking ends on GANNET with boiling water and ashore with microwaving Lean Cuisines.
        This morning this was the GUARDIAN’s most viewed article.