Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Evanston: an honorable man; and the difficulty of beauty

        I have heard no more about GANNET.  
        I believe that non-residents are now allowed into the Keys as far as Marathon and will soon be able to go all the way to Key West.  In a capitalist economy, money rules, and the Florida Keys live on tourism.  As soon as possible tourists will be back.
        For myself I am waiting until Marathon Boat Yard returns to a state resembling normal.  When they can accept new work, I will have them repair the crack in GANNET’s keel.  
        I have talked twice by telephone with Ron Moore about the crack.
        I emailed the photos to him of it that I posted in this journal.
        He says the crack is serious and has ideas how it should be repaired.  He also said that he did not want one of his boats to kill me.  I told him that if it does that is all on me, not him.  I have taken a Wednesday night racer far beyond Wednesday nights.  That she has survived so far beyond is proof of the quality of workmanship of Ron Moore and those who worked with him.  Who else, what company, provides support for a product made in 1979?  Only individuals can have honor.  Put your name on a boat, put your name on words, on anything you have created, and stand behind it forever. 
       I have never met Ron Moore.  I hope to do so next year in California.  Ron Moore is an honorable man.


        Bill, who owns an Express 26, which is an evolution of Moore 24s, sent me the above beautiful and sensual image of SAMBRUCA by the Spanish artist, Manuel Anoro, who is two years younger than I and who obviously shares my appreciation of women.  Bill’s wife gave him a serigraph of the painting which he says brings him joy every time he sees it.  Understandably.  I thank him for sharing the image.
        I see similarities to Gauguin in Anoro and have found that I am not alone in doing so.
        I had not known of Manuel Anoro before Bill sent me this, so I googled and found many beautiful and vividly colorful paintings as well as this short video in which he talks about the difficulty of painting beauty in our time.
        This evening, as I sit in comfort in Evanston, a second major earthquake in the past few weeks has destroyed parts of Mexico and a second major hurricane in two weeks is destroying parts of the Caribbean.
        Cherish whatever joy and beauty you find.