Saturday, September 2, 2017

Evanston: condo mode; unequal miles; nothing

        Just as GANNET has two modes:  harbor and passage, I have two modes:  GANNET and condo.
        Today is the first since my return home that I have felt myself.  I’ve had no energy.  No thoughts.  I’ve done no exercise beyond walking a block to the drugstore.  I’ve not walked down to the lake or climbed stairs beyond emptying the trash.  I have read a little.  Listened to some music.  Watched sports on television:  tennis, baseball—the Cubs are playing well, football, soccer—the U.S. national team is not playing well.
        Perhaps this has been due to lack of sleep.  I did not sleep well Monday night before my abruptly changed travel plans, and I did not sleep well my first night back home.  On working days Carol’s alarm goes off at 5 a.m.  
        But it may also be that Marathon’s heat wore me down.  I had little appetite there and weighed 151 pounds on my return.  Evanston has been comfortably in the 70s.  
        Whatever the reason or reasons, I’m feeling good this morning and will start working out again on Monday.


        Once I figured out how to make the request online, United promptly provided a refund for my cancelled flight, thus reducing my costs of traveling from Marathon to Evanston to $171.   Shuttle 138 miles Marathon to Ft. Lauderdale  $70.  Airfare 1185 miles Ft. Lauderdale to Chicago O’Hare $51.  Taxi 13 miles O’Hare to condo $50 including tip.
        It is almost enough to make one appreciate airlines.


        I have just realized that I have nothing to do for the next four months.
        I’ll think of something.